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Famous Mosques in Tripoli :
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Aattar
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Abou Bakr al-Siddik
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Arghoun Shah
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Bertasi
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Kabir al-Aali
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Mahmoud Beik the Sanjak
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Mansouri Great Mosque 
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Muallak Mosque
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Omar Ibn El-Khattab Mosque
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Ouwaysiyah Mosque
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Shoum Mosque
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Sidi Abdel Wahed
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Tahham
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Tinal Mosque
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Tawbah Mosque

Tripoli is a very rich city containing many mosques that are spread all over the city. In every district of the city you  find a mosque. During the Mamluk era , a lot of mosques were built and many of them are still remaining till today.

New mosques are being constructed mainly from donations of the good people of the city.

A number of Mosques like old Mosque in Abi Samra have been recently renovated. A New Mosque in " Al Maarad " district is currently under construction.

When visiting the Mosque, please make sure that you fully comply with the Islamic rules and traditions. Among the basic things is to take out your Shoes at the entrance of the Mosque. Women should also do the same besides covering their hair.

List Of Mosques in Tripoli-Lebanon

  A , B , D, G , I , R , S T , K , M , N , O
Aattar Mosque
Abou Bakr al-Siddeeq
Arghoun Shah Mosque 
Aazem wal Saadeh
Bourtasi Mosque
Ghazi (el-Mina)
Hamidi (Old Tripoli)
Hamidi (el-Mina)
Harah al-Jadidah (el-Mina)
Harbah (el-Tebbaneh)          Iman (Abou Samra)
Isa Ibn Mariam, (el-Mina)      Islah                                   RRahmeh (el-Koubbeh)       Rawdah Mosque
Ridwan                            SSheikh Fadlallah
Shoum Mosque (Known as the Asadi or Sharafeddin Mosque) Sidi Abdel Wahed al-Miknasy
Tawbah Mosque 
Tell al-Aali                          Tinal Mosque
Thahr al-Moghr                    Kabir al-Aali (el-Mina)
Koubbeh (also known as Bakkar Mosque)
Mahmoud Beik the Sanjak  restoration)
Mansouri Great Mosque  
Mohamad el-Ameen
Muallak Mosque (Known as the Zaim Mosque)
Naser (al-Tebbaneh)
Omar Ibn El-Khattab Mosque (el-Mina)
Ouwaysiyah Mosque
Othman Ibn Affan

 Prayer Time in Tripoli-Lebanon

Tripoli's pride

 Photo taken by: Eng.Lamia KHAYAT

Siddik Mosque


 Photo taken by: Eng.Lamia KHAYAT

Bertasi  Mosque









Photos By   

Eng.Lamia KHAYAT

All rights Reserved


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