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Madrassah Khayriah Hasan

Madrassah's to visit in Tripoli-Lebanon :
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Ajamiyeh
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Burtasiah
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Dabbousiyeh
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Dubbaha
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Houjeyjiyyeh
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Kadioglu
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Kasimiyeh
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Khatouniyah
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Khayriah Hasan
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Mahmoudiyeh
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Mash'had
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Nasiriyah
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Nouriyah
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Qadiriyah
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Saqariyah
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Shamsiyah
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Shouhadaa
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Thahiriyeh
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Tuwayshiah


A poorly preserved construction is the early fourteenth century Khayriya Hasan madrassah to the west of the Grand Mosque with its portal surrounded by a palm-leaf motif cornice. In addition to its conventional two-colored stone lintels, over the large Street level windows, there are smaller windows with rounded arches as well as medieval carved stone rainspouts. Over the lintel of the portal is a six line inscription, an extract from the waaji’ya, giving us details on the financial arrangements made by the donor for the endowment of this madrassah. There are listed the buildings which belong to the donor, the wife of one called Quthi: a soap factory, an oil mill as well as part of the income from two mills outside the city. The income was to be used for the upkeep of the madrasah and for the salaries of its teachers.”


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Photo taken by: Eng.Lamia KHAYAT


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