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Cooked Yoghurt

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Hommos Balil
Batinjan Moutabal
Vine Leaves
Msakaet Bathenjan
Batata bil Kizbara
Arayes Kafta
Fattet Bathinjan
Fattet Hommos
Kibbi Nayye
Lubya bi Zayt
Kibed Makli

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Rakaek Jibne
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Sambousik Lahme

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Mixed Pickles
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Labneh Makbous

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Shish Taouk

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Kibi Akras Mishwi
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Kibi bi Laban
Kibi Arnabiye
Kharuf Mihshi
Shawarma Lahme
Kafta bil Saniyeh
Kafta Mikli
Kafta Mishwi
Dawood Basha
Shish Kabab

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Samke Harra
Samak Mishwi
Arnabiyet Samak


 kharuf mehchi (Roasted Lamb, Ouzi)


12 -14 kg (384-448 oz) small lamb (cleaned from inside)
2 kg (64 oz) minced meat
12 cups long grain rice, washed and drained
24 cups water
1 tbls salt (as desired)
1 cups blanched and flaked, fried almonds
cup fried pine nuts
1 cups blanched, fried pistachio nuts
1 tbls ground cinnamon
1 tbls ground allspice
1 tbls ground black pepper
1 tbls ground nutmeg
2 tbls ground white pepper
1 tbls ground cardamom
1 cup vegetable oil and butter
1 cup shortening or butter (for frying minced meat)
Lemon wedges



Fry meat in 1 cup of shortening in a pot. Add salt and spices (except white pepper). Stir on medium heat until cooked.
Stir in rice to cooked meat. Add water. Bring to a boil. Cover pot and cook on low heat for 30 minutes.
Wipe lamb inside and out with a damp cloth. Rub cavity and outer surface with lemon wedges and white pepper.
Stuff lamb with half the quantity of rice. Stitch opening. Fry with oil and butter from all sides until golden.
Place aluminum foil on a big tray leaving extra on each side. Place the stuffed lamb on the foil. Pour 3 cups of water over.
Truss lamb legs with its shoulders using a firm rope. Wrap lamb generously with the foil.
Place tray in high heat oven (220C) for 5 hours, or until tender when pierced but still moist inside (add water if foil burns).
Remove lamb from oven. Open aluminum foil. Lift up slowly. Place on large serving platter. Arrange rice and meat around it. Garnish rice with pistachio nuts, almonds and pine nuts.
Serve hot accompanied with yoghurt and salads.


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