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Madrassah Al-Bertasiah

Madrassah's to visit in Tripoli-Lebanon :
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Ajamiyeh
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Bertasiah
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Dabbousiyeh
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Dubbaha
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Houjeyjiyyeh
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Kadioglu
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Kasimiyeh
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Khatouniyah
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Khayriah Hosn
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Mahmoudiyeh
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Mash'had
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Nasiriyah
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Nouriyah
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Qadiriyah
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Saqariyah
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Shamsiyah
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Shouhada
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Zahiriyeh
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Tuwayshiah


An outstanding madrasah of Tripoli which also serves as a mosque today is the al-Burtasiya which met with severe damage in 1955 when flood waters of the Abou Ali River invaded the building and rose to its second story.However repairs undertaken by Lebanon’s Department of Antiquities have made this imposing monument of the early Mamluks one of old Tripoli’s major attractions . Its mots ornate feature is its dark stone por­tal, the overhanging half-dome ceiling of which is decorated with the usual stalactites, beneath which is a band of Arabic inscriptions. The lintel of the door is incised with intricate panels of geometric designs. In the interior of the building the central cupola is supported by arches. The walls are decorated with alveolate carvings, above which, is a row of arched decorations pierced by pairs of arched windows and light apertures all around the inside of the dome .

A marble fountain stands in the prayer hall while to the south, the beautiful mihrdb can be seen decorated with stone and glass mosaics overlaid with gold leaf. The designs of the mosaic are floral and geometric with green -blue branches standing out against a golden background .

The madrasah has a square minaret, on the east side of which are a pair of windows with arches in black and white stone reminiscent of Moorish architecture The small decorative column separating the windows has a badly worn capital which may be of Crusader origin. Of Crusader inspiration are the corbelled windows on all four sides. The upper story overhanging balcony of the minaret in decorated with a mass of stalactites.

The inscription tell us that the madrasah was built by Isa, son of Omar al-Burtasi and although there is no foundation date it appears, by the style of the inscription, to belong to the Hahn Mamluk period.” It was destined, according to the wishes of the founder, for the use of theologians of the Shafiite school for the explanation and interpretation of the Koran and the presentation of the hadtth. It was also destined for ceremonies and for Friday prayers. The founder stipulates that it is strictly forbidden to give sums of money or lodgings to those not employed in the madrasah. This clause was included presumably to discourage begging and other mis-uses of the endowment fund.

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Photo taken by: Eng.Lamia KHAYAT


Photo taken by: Eng.Lamia KHAYAT


Photo taken by: Eng.Lamia KHAYAT


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